Course Description

Training 101 will help you think about your training program a bit differently. Set your self up for success by thinking about your training program in depth and then simply it so that it can be taught by others in an easy way. The more time you spend planning your program, the less stress you will have later.


Brendan O'Leary

Hi! My name is Brendan O'Leary. I am the Founder of Chex Consulting. I have devoted all of my adult life (and most of my childhood) to restaurants. I am the son of restauranteurs and have seen the pains of owning and operating restaurants. After operating restaurants for years, I worked with dozens of other restaurants to help improve their bottom line. I now consult, train, coach and teach to help managers get started or veteran managers look at business differently.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Setting Your Training Program

    • Organizing Your Training

    • Your Core Values

    • Train Your Trainers

    • How Do You Train?

  • 2

    Getting A Great Hire

    • After The Hire

    • Setting The Tone

  • 3

    Online Training

    • Why Online Training?

    • How To Convert to Online Training

    • The Follow Up